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    A work in progress...

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    Daniel Reed

    So this is an HTML test site, looking into verification through rel="author" and MicroData markups. I do not sell any sort of Stack Shelf.

    I borrowed/stole/used the term Stack Shelf from a conference I saw about Conversion Rate Optimisation and how to record inspiring ideas as you work.

    This is my picture. As you can see, I don't provide modeling services.

  • About StackShelf

    I am a test

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    I write a blog. It's not very interesting but it is the linquistic equvilent to this website. Here I test HTML and on my blog I write about it.

    You can read my SEO Blog on Wordpress.

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    Daniel Reed

    eMail me at
    E-mail: info@kwaikwai.co.uk

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